Online Project and Web Archive

Online Project

This site was created as an informal international forum to foster collaboration between students and scholars of this period. It offers the opportunity to pool knowledge and make new connections across disciplines. On the left hand navigation bar there is a list of the wiki pages that have been created according to disciplinary categories. For example: film, art, literature, philosophy etc. Members have been adding to these lists, noting interesting or important events that they have come across in their research. As these lists grow we hope to break down the disciplinarity of the current categories and make more thematic and conceptual connections. This process is beginning through "tagging" phrases and words within a given entry (See "Members Instructions").

It's easy to become a member of this online project and everyone is welcome to join. Just send us a request via this wikispace letting us know a bit about your interest in the period. Alternatively, you can email us directly at and we'll send you an invitation. Once you are a member, read the "Members Instructions" to learn how to post information on the site.

Web Archive

A permanent Web Archive has been generously funded by UBC's Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund to offer a permanent repository for the recordings of the presented papers. In addition, it will present content from other aspects of the "Breathless Days" project including the November 2009 colloquium and the art exhibition "Breathless Days 1959-1960: A Chronotropic Experiment."The site will be edited by Serge Guilbaut and John O'Brian and the site's Project Manager will be Carla Benzan.

We hope that information from the Online Project will form a significant part of the Web Archive. All members are invited to participate in this process. However, only material included on this site as of June 1st will be able to be included on the Web Archive. We therefore encourage members to post as much as possible before this deadline. After June 1st, we strongly encourage members of the online project to participate in developing the Web Archive content. Members can take part in this process by organizing existing information into timelines, bibliographies or other more creative formats, by completing new research to supplement existing entries, and by writing short texts. Full credit will be give to the contributions made to the development of the online archive content.

Please feel free to email us at if you have any questions about these two initiatives.